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The Path of Digital Morality

Published on Thursday, January 14, 2010 by

The Path of Digital Morality written by Dresden Darkwatch

treefordresdendarkwatch“I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”  – Robert Frost

Far within the private places of my soul there lies a well where I make wishes for that which I desire. It is a place where your name echoes often as gilded coins of selfish hope fall into its depths.  I travelled there again tonight, along the well-worn path created by the pilgrimages dedicated to the pursuit of your affection.  When I went to drop my coin I found the well was full from all the other coins I have deposited.  In my vain attempts to possess that which was never available, I left no room for the things I might have had.

How often have you found yourself looking for a place to dig a new well because you misused the one you had? In this installment I wanted to reflect on how some of us may get so lost in our own desires that we don’t take the time to consider if we should be having those desires in the first place. In a virtual environment where finding lonely people is almost as easy as finding sand on a beach, perhaps we end up burying ourselves so deep that we fail to see the rising tide of reality until it is too late.  Is it possible that the lack of consequence could lead some down paths of lower morality and temptation?

Online worlds are wondrous places where every taboo can be explored and where we can forget the failed, damaged, or even worse, overly familiar relationships in our real lives. The question which I recently had to face was; should we do a thing just because we can? I can’t say that I have always made the right choices, but I do know that I carry the results of them with me and for better or worse they make me who I am.  This is where I find the inspiration for much of my writing.

When was it decided that being faithfully alone or neglected was more nobel than being happy and desired? Is it wrong to engage in a virtual touch when you are denied in real life? These are all tough questions that can only be answered by our own standards. As the technology advances and ever more realistic encounters can be had, we will need to consider our actions and where they will lead us.

My challenge this week for myself and for you is to write about a time when you took the road less traveled and fought the desire to give in to something you wanted despite the moral costs you would have had to pay.

~ Dresden Darkwatch ~

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