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Published on Friday, April 30, 2010 by

so09_net_neutrality_internet_mapNow that the nerve wracking, stress, and much of the physical exertion of a move is behind me I feel I can settle down and focus on putting together blogs for Virtual Writers on a more consistent basis.  Because of this real life move and job change I have had to deal with some real life changes and this lead me to think that this would be a good topic for this blog.

I have now found through the tools of the digital age that I can stay connected with people I have met and people I know all around the world, what has changed drastically is the time I can allocate to maintaining those connections.  Connections for a writer are as critical as they are for a marketer, educator, or consultant.  What follows is my coping mechanisms for dealing with change and strategies for staying connected even during major life changes.

First and foremost is never burn bridges when dealing with or making a change.  Whether this is through a voluntary or involuntary change..you must turn the other cheek.  I have always thought that I was somewhat receptive to change and able to adapt quickly, however this most recent job change that I made startled me at times as I drove merrily on to my next new adventure..I can’t deny the thought did cross my mind ..”why am I doing this..” ultimately though going with my intuition and not my logical side was the right move in this case.

I think we have to accept that the “new normal” is change.  As I have thought about change and Second Life I reached the conclusion that the reason why many of us value our Second Life experience is because we can control much of our experience.  Please note the majority of time when residents of SL get upset is when things happen beyond their control, when Linden Lab changes things, or there is a hardware or software failure. If someone is doing something you don’t like you can choose to “TP out of there, log off, or mute the person.”   If you are bored with something you can choose to go somewhere else, Second Life provides us with a wide variety of options to control our experience.

This controlled environment is perfect for role play, to stage theater production and for inspiration. Because much of the builds in Second Life either closely illustrate real life or at the opposite end of the spectrum provide for innovation and creativity, it is an ideal environment for writers to explore and use as a medium for inspiration.

As real life time demands become more significant I have been concerned as to whether or not I will be able to maintain my writing schedule for the blogs and websites I currently have in place. This is my hobby, this is how I maintain balance in my life, along with photography.  In the past I have allowed my job to take precedence over these personal hobbies or activities until I find myself focusing on nothing but my job.

After discovering Web 2.0 and developing a plan on how I could incorporate professional development in my career field I did not write or work with photos and digital art to the extent that I have recently.  My writing focuses on education, Second Life, and reviews of books I have read, in addition to this blog.  I recently completed a book chapter and an article for a newsletter.

I feel it is essential that I continue with these pursuits they are integral to the identity of who I am professionally and personally.  So as my life undergoes dramatic changes some things remain the same the critical characteristics that define who I am and what is important to me.   How I maintain who I am in my personal and professional life remains intact as I have learned to successfully cope with change.

2 Responses
    • Well your post was certainly timely for me as I have just finished crossing the country to my second home which is being prepared for a sale as well as the majority of stuff I have in it. With the upcoming cleaning, fixing and preparation for sale as well as the sorting and selling and packing of my belongings I have had the same thoughts about my participation in writing in RL and SL responsibilities. I agree with you that SL provides a constant which helps you to keep your avatar in a “calmer” state than your RL persona. I will be going to SL for a relaxing break now and then!

    • They have an amazing site. I ereentd a flash fiction work for one of their quarterly contests. It didn’t win but I got some great feedback. I love them. Going over to check out your piece.

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