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Reading for Writers: Spotlight on Second Life Fiction Authors

Published on Sunday, April 4, 2010 by

Hedda’s Hot Picks

“Reading for Writers”

by Hedda Hazelnut

This week ‘s post will spotlight some of the fiction authors in Second Life (SL). To start I want to introduce you to a great new venue. A week ago Metaverse Books in SL held its grand opening. You can visit at the following slurl. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Market%20Truths/111/213/33 Here you will find books by many SL authors with links to webpages and downloads. You can also join their group for announcements of upcoming presentations and find out more on www.metaversebooks.com where they have recordings of their author presentations available. This opening was very exciting for me as I have long awaited the presentations of more RL authors in Second Life. There was a fantastic lineup of authors including Jasper Fforde, Peter May, Jeff Barr, Sarah Susanka, Bob Garfield and Douglas Rushkoff.

Jasper Fforde, a fiction writer, has authored a variety of novels that include the bestselling Thursday Next series starting with The Eyre Affair (2003), The Nursery Crime series, and his newest book, Shades of Grey (2009). Bookstacks’ Cozy Mystery group has chosen to read The Fourth Bear (2007) from his Nursery Crime series as the April read. For more information on this event check the Bookstacks notices or contact Lludmila Mirrikh inworld for the announcement.

Peter May aka Flick Faulds has authored a number of books, but of special interest is his newest, Virtually Dead (2010), one of the first novels set in SL. It’s a thriller that spans RL and SL and is gaining a lot of attention in both worlds. Flick/Peter spoke of his adventures as a private detective in SL which was the basis for his book. He has also started a Virtually Dead group in SL which promotes the book through announcements of locations and contests. The newest promotion involves reading Virtually Dead to find the type of gun bought by Chas, make a pic of it, and drop it on the profile of Chas Chesnokov.  Chas will pick a winner on Friday, April 2nd, and announce it in a group notice.  The winner will receive 1000 lindens. Also you may want to visit the locations used in the novel. From the notecard received inworld you will see the description of the locations. I have added the slurls as follows:


Here is the store where Doobie took Chas to get rid of his newbie looks and buy a body shape to make him look like Brad Pitt.



This is a landmark to the terrace where Chas and Doobie shared their virtual meal together.


Finally, the terrace where they first engaged in a battle of wits, finding each other in the challenge.



Unfortunately, this has moved to the new XXX continent, and is not exactly as described in the book.  But it still gives a flavor of the scenes that were set there (I also shot the video trailer here).



Here is where there was a dramatic chase sequence, which ended up with Chas in the arms of his pursuer floating through space together.  Remember to set to Midnight for visiting this location.



An interesting sim, where planes land and take off constantly.  More of the chase sequence (and the video) took place here.



This is where Doobie took Chas to buy his first gun and meet Gunslinger Kurosawa (who actually exists).


Visit Peter’s website at www.petermay.co.uk.

A favorite SL author is Rae Lori aka Rae Larkham. She has been an instructor in SL with her Novel Writing Class held now at London School of Journalism’s campfire on Saturdays at 5PM SLT and on Sundays at 2PM SLT. She is a well published author of paranormal, contemporary romance and romantic suspense as well as sci-fi/fantasy and has resources for writers on her website, www.raelori.com The website is worth a visit as it is full of surprises. Be sure to explore. One of her bestsellers is A Kiss of Ashen Twilight (2009) which is the first in her Ashen Twilight series which can only be described as a vampire romance fantasy thriller. Her second book in the series, Within the Shadows of Mortals will be coming out this month. Congratulations Rae!!!

Sheryl Nantus aka Sheryl Skytower has a brand new book, What God and Cats Know (2010), a paranormal mystery available from Lyrical Press. She has made several author presentations in SL and watch for her again soon. Her newest book, Blaze of Glory is coming out this month and her Wild Cards and Iron Horses is scheduled for release in August. Great work Sheryl!


Arlene Radasky aka Imarad Breen, who can frequently be found doing readings in SL, has a great historical fantasy book, The Fox (2008) which can be downloaded from her site: www.radasky.com/Site/Welcome.html This story is historical romantic fantasy and based on research on the ancient Druid culture.

Michael Stackpole aka Noble Charron is a prolific writer who has numerous New York Times bestsellers and has been winning awards since 1982 for adventure games, comic books, writing podcasts and books. Stackpole is best known for his Star Wars, BattleTech and Age of Discovery series. His writing is predominantly fantasy and sci-fi. His books and talents are too numerous to list here on the blog post so go to his website for all the details. www.stormwolf.com You might like to visit Michael Stackpole’s Office at Third Life Books in Wind River Territory by using this slurl. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Wind%20River%20Territory/49/123/22

Emerian Rich aka Emz Mazie has the vampire romance thriller Night’s Knights (2009) getting good reviews. She has a great website at www.emzbox.com and you should visit her exciting book display area at the LSJ Island and Orb Space Station. http://slurl.com/secondlife/LSJ%20Student%20Union/131/146/501 While at the Space Orb tour all the author displays on several floors as LSJ gets ready for their first virtual Author Convention during the last week of April.

Linda Ciletti aka FayreScribe Starsider writes historical romance and time travel. Her books are Draegon’s Lair (2000) and Knight Stalker. Get more details on her books at her website. www.lindaciletti.net She even promotes SL on her website!

huck at new spot_004Last but not least I want to acknowledge Huckleberry Hax. You will not find his publications on Amazon but do go to his site at http://huckleberryhax.blogspot.com where you can find free downloads and information on when and where you can hear his reading in SL. He writes with a special understanding that only one who has had vast experience in observing the virtual world and its avatar relationships can convey. You can find two of his paperbacks available on lulu.com. Those are AFK (2007) and The Day is Full of Birds (2008).

I am sure there are more fiction authors and many who write flash fiction, short stories, and other fiction genres but I will have to write about those later as I am out of space. Please comment on this post with other authors to suggest. Next week I will be posting on the many non-fiction authors in SL.

3 Responses
    • You mentioned flash fiction, do I smell a feature on Flawnt coming? I loved his reading at the poetry Fest.

      Huckleberry’s readings at The Milk Loft are at a hard time of day for me to be at the keyboard, but I try to schedule my day to be there because I am so interested in his story. The characters are remarkably vivid and the philosophical questions posed are good for anyone to ponder and understand more fully in our highly digitized world.

      Thanks for all the suggestions for more authors to check out on the grid. Next time I can log on, I’ll be certain to pull your article up and do some reading and exploring. My two favorite things combined should be hours of fun.

    • this is perfect, i am looking to do something similar very soon and this article makes perfect sense.

    • what a great article! it’s really informative and innovative. keep us posted with new updates. it’s was really valuable. thanks a lot!!

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