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Published on Wednesday, May 12, 2010 by

so09_net_neutrality_internet_mapProofreading and editing are fundamental to excellent writing. You can be a creative and brilliant writer but if you don’t proofread and can’t edit your writing will languish in the slush pile.  I must admit these two elements of writing are my weak areas. Therefore my posting today will serve two purposes; one is to provide you with resources to access to improve your writing and for me to also identify resources for my own use.

The first site I found is a site called Grammar Now! What most impressed me with this site is the array of web based resources listed and linked to the site.

Many universities and colleges maintain “online writing labs,” (OWL) one of the most often referred to is that provided by Purdue. I have referred to this site many times throughout the years and if I feel students need access to writing resources this is the one I will refer them to.

Colorado State University provides “writing guides” on its site, one for editing and one for proofreading.

Another mega resources site is Your Dictionary.  Your Dictionary is a comprehensive list of vocabulary, grammar and punctuation resources. If you click on Grammar Rules and Usage you will be taken to a site which links you to a variety or grammar resources on capitalization, sentences, abbreviations and acronyms, grammar games, rules and tips, etc., etc.!!  This site also provides a list of links to courses on languages. What a great resource!

About.com is another site which offers a plethora of resources on everything but most specifically offers help on writing. The Creative/fiction writing site offers asistance through writing prompts, links to blogs, tips to improve your craft, and much more.

Another site for writers is the Paradigm Online Writing Assistant created by Chuck Guilford.  This site offers a variety of writing resources from the basic, getting started tips to writing specific essays to providing a variety of links to external resources.

FictionAddiction.net provides a broad range of resources to assist writers in their creative pursuits.  This includes a database of articles on characterization, and other key elements of good writing. Fictionaddition also provides a forum for writers to ask other experts questions on their work with everything from where to sell your writing to the mechanics of writing.

Writing forums is another site which provides links to other writers, resources, and information such as contests and publishing.

The WritingSite is a site which states it is for writers by writers.   This site states that it was created by two professional writers with experience as authors, teachers, editors, and mentors.  This site provides many resources and tutorials that will provide further improvements to your writing.

Writing.com is a large community of writers which states that it is;  the online community for writers and readers of all interests and skill levels. Whether you’re an enthusiastic, creative writer looking for the perfect place to store and display your writing online or a casual reader searching for a good story, Writing.Com is the website for you!

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    • Wow, what an excellent list of resources!!! I am going to be delving into these as soon as I get a chance. I see many listed here that I have somehow missed. Love to find new web resources. Post these on the forum for us too Cathy.

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