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Published on Sunday, May 23, 2010 by

961834_glasses___I have run across several helpful ebooks in recent months on various sites and blogs and so I set out to find out how many there might be available. Since we are all struggling writers and need advice on the cheap, what could be better than FREE! I have downloaded all the books that I am going to refer to and all are available at the present time but I wouldn’t wait to access them if they look worthwhile to you.

Noah Lukeman, a New York literary agent and author of several books on the writing craft has an ebook available entitled, How to Write a Great Query Letter. http://www.getfreeebooks.com/?cat=48

In this free book he covers plot synopsis, how to write your bio, proper letter format for different genres, mistakes to avoid and how to submit. It is a very thorough publication.

Another book you can download at http://www.getfreeebooks.com/?cat=48

is Guide to Writing Your First Book by Onaefe Edebi. It is a very basic introduction to getting started with writing where he talks about following his DREW system. D= Decide on what you want to write, R=Research, E=Edit and W= Write. This might be a good ebook for a young adult or beginning student of writing as it is a nice introduction to the basics.

At Juiced on Writing http://juicedonwriting.com/downloads you will find the following ebooks:

Introduction to How to Think Sideways by Holly Lisle, The Ultimate Guide for Writers, The Freelance Writer’s Marketing Plan, and The Ultimate Guide to Free E-Books for the New Writer

The Ultimate Guide for Writers is truly what it says. It is an ultimate resource for links to business tools for writers, software, general writing sites and more. There is a detailed explanation for what is available at each site as well. Don’t miss this one!!

The Ultimate Guide to Free E-Books for the New Writer provides an extensive list of links to many of the same ebooks that I have given in this blog post as well as many other more specific titles available.

At Literaryzone.com http://literaryzone.com you will find three books by Shruti Chandra Gupta.

Begin Writing Fiction is a 33 page ebook covering some good basics for the beginning writer such as how to create characters, develop plot, putting in details, use of language, point of view considerations, setting, writing dialogue, use of clichés and developing a style. Pretty comprehensive and nicely done for a beginner’s introduction.

Dangers for Fiction Writers is a worthwhile look at some of the writing pitfalls to avoid. The author covers 8 limitations on successful writing in 35 pages.

Tropes & Schemes: Stylistic devices to add spunk to your writing. Now here is a book for the more advanced writer. This 120 page ebook is full of helpful explanations on how to use the figures of speech known as tropes and schemes. This extremely comprehensive book gives definitions and examples of figures of speech ranging from allegory to tmesis. This book will enlighten even the most advanced writer I guarantee. I thought I had a good command of the English language until I looked at this book!

70 Solutions to Common Writing Mistakes, Part A and Part B www.fwmedia.com/article/freebookdownloads by Bob Mayer

Bob Mayer is a best-selling author and teaches courses based on his book, The Novel Writer’s Toolkit. The downloads are available in two parts and together provide an extensive 130 page resource for at least intermediate level writers. Lots of great advice here. He covers all aspects of writing the novel from how to develop the writing habit through getting the idea, scene and structure, characters, editing and rewriting and then selling your book. This set of downloads is not to be missed.

26 Free Ebooks for Bloggers, www.cooltricksntips.com/2009/02/26-free-ebooks-for-bloggers.html – This is a wide variety of ebook downloads covering many aspects of social networking. I have not investigated all of these but some titles look worthy of a peek. You may want to check the site and look more closely at some that sound like they may have particular value for you.


At this site you will have to register and then you can search the category Writing & Publishing for a wide selection of free ebook downloads. Many of the books available here are focused on publishing of ebooks and self publishing. Probably the best book here and one I would definitely recommend downloading is Assaulting a Writer’s Thinking by Lea Schizas. Lea is the force behind the Muse Online Conference http://www.themuseonlinewritersconference.com If you haven’t yet registered then get over there and sign up. It is one of the best online conferences for writers. Her free book is a great motivator.

NaNo for the New and The Insane by Lazette Gifford


This 130 page book covers the history of NaNo, how to prepare, set goals, use the forums, what happens after you finish and some additional resources. I wish I had discovered this before my first attempt at NaNo last year. It is marketed as a survival guide for the newbie but I think it is well worth a read as a refresher for some of us who have experience with NaNo.

Book Writing for Fun and Profit by Brian Scott


In this 84 page book Brian tries to get across some basics on how to create a book, finding your title, where to get content, experts on the subject matter, what to put in your resources, how to package. There may be some small gems of information here but there is an overwhelming visual of advertising which makes it frustrating to read.

Free Ebooks for Writers and Freelance Writers


A few titles here may be worth a look but I really haven’t investigated these as they cover very specific topics that I personally am not interested in.

Getting Started Writing Children’s Picture Books is an available ebook when you sign up for free updates on the write4kids site. In this 14 page mini guide to writing children’s books, Laura Backes covers the basics of what writing for children is all about. There are 3 more ebooks which are very worthwhile available for download when you scroll down to the bottom of the page. The Non-Celebrity’s Guide to Getting a Children’s Book Published, The Best of the Children’s Writing Update, and “The Art of Writing” by Robert Louis Stevenson.


How to Write, Publish and Market Your Ebook by Marelisa Fábrega is just what it says. In her 31 page ebook she covers the topic quite thoroughly.


Writers’ Free Ebooks at www.fictionfactor.com/writersfreebies.html Here you will find two of Holly Lisle’s downloads which are very worthwhile. One is her Create a Plot Clinic which gives  you a few basics on plot design. The other is Mugging the Muse, over 200 pages on writing advice based on Holly’s own writing experience and articles from some of her workshops.

Newbie Writers Resource Guide by Dawn Copeman is available here when you subscribe to the newsletter. This 84 page guide is very thorough on all aspects of beginning a writing career. She covers what being a writer involves, writing terminology, how to improve your skills, getting yourself organized and then beginning with querying articles, writing fillers, greeting cards, copywriting and writing books and ebooks.  www.newbiewriters.com

Free Downloads for Writers – Here you will find trial software and a variety of downloads primarily geared to screenwriting. I haven’t investigated all of these but did have a look at the title Dramatica Dictionary for Writers and found it to be very extensive on all the terms needed to understand writing a screenplay. Sure to be enlightening.


The next two ebooks are available at www.free-ebooks.net . You will have to register on the site and then type in the names of these in the search. 20 Ways to Improve Your Writing by H.R. Morgan is a basic guide to some writing tips but does look useful for especially the beginning writer.

An Insider’s Guide to Writing Articles by John Colanzi is a brief 20 pages on getting ideas for writing.

Short Story Writing by Charles Raymond Barrett was published in 1900 and is now available in public domain. It is definitely not fast reading but does look interesting. It is available at this link.


At www.manageyourwriting.com Dr. Ken Davis has a free ebook available entitled, Manage Your Writing. This is a basic guide to his twelve step writing process. It is supposed to be geared to business writing but I found it had application to any writing process. He writes in a very straight forward, no-nonsense manner which is quite humorous actually.

That’s all for this week folks. Get on these sites and start downloading. If anyone has any additional free goodies to share, please post in a comment!!

3 Responses
    • I have to add another free ebook I just found out about thanks to Rae Larkham/Lori. She posted on the forum about this one.

      Re: Novel Writing Online Resources

      Postby Rae Larkham » Sun May 23, 2010 3:55 am
      Write Good or Die by Scott Nicholson
      (Free PDF book link on the sidebar!)

    • Thanks, Hedda for a very comprehensive list. Something tells me I will be doing a lot of reading this summer. 😉

    • you have got a really useful blog i have been here reading for about an hour. i am a newbie and your success is very much an inspiration for me.

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