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Published on Friday, July 30, 2010 by

In the past several weeks I have been overwhelmed by all the good fortune and things I have to do, not only in real life but Second Life® as well.  My experiences and contacts I have made in Second Life® have done more than enrich my life.   A few months ago a friend of mine suggested that we go together with others and purchase Anna Darwinian’s Steampunk Adventure’s Store in Winterfell Annodyne. This seemed like a worthwhile venture which required minimal investment (Second Life® being Second Life®) so I jumped on board.

As so many things in Second Life® turn out to be ..this has been a learning opportunity. Learning about how to recruit vendors, set up a store, what sells and what doesn’t and how to sell it.  The theme of the store is Steampunk.  The hardest lesson to learn is that marketing in Second Life® is not easy nor is it necessarily “affordable” on a Lindens only budget.

The group explored the many marketing opportunities that exist both in world and out and finally hit upon a possible solution .. we would start our own magazine featuring Steampunk Adventures Store, the owners, and original poetry and fiction.

This has been an amazingly fun venture! It seems that all the right team members came together all at once.  An outstanding editor was contacted and agreed to carry on with that task; her in-world name is Kitsuko Pelazzi.  I knew of a writer whose work and imagination as well as whose copy editing skills were second to none and he was contacted and agreed to come on board and has served us very well; his name is Gordon Soleil in world.  I have also been able to secure the assistance and talents of Onyx Plutonian as Executive Publisher, sharing that title with me, in this venture as well. You can contact any one of us in-world for more details on writing or taking photos for Steampunk Adventures.  You must be a Second Life® resident to work for Steampunk Adventures as we pay only in Lindens.

We found that Issuu.com provides a nice realistic magazine reading experience. Feeling lucky to have identified an editor who has the right software, hardware and talent in place, I can’t wait to put my eyes upon our first issue!  With hard-work, motivation and all of us working together I anticipate seeing that first issue within three to four weeks.

The team is in place and some regular feature writers have been identified.  The magazine will be seeking new talented writers who are familiar with the Steampunk theme.  Many of the features of this magazine is to promote Steampunk Adventures and the vendors of this store.  In addition to this the magazine will feature “adventures” associated with our various interests such as music, art and education.

We will be selling advertising space at some point, however that was not a priority going into this enterprise. Our aim first was to provide a quality, fun to read magazine that would enlighten and entertain based upon a Steampunk theme.

I hope to make a journal of this venture a regular part of my blog postings here and I am seeking your input and your participation if you would be interested in writing for the magazine or have fiction or poetry you would like submit to the editor for her review and approval for publication.  I hope you are as excited as I am. It is an honor to provide a platform for new writers to see their work in “print.”

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