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Published on Monday, December 27, 2010 by

Blogs can be a phenomenal form of self-expression, of memoir, and providing information online. Blogging allows for an individual writer to pull from other individuals their commentary, collaboration, and insight into the content of the blog.

If you are interested in blogging you maybe interested in seeing what other people do on their blogs I will provide you with the links to my own websites/blogs, those of other writers, and some places where you can get a free blog site. I will also throw in a bit on my Second Life® tour for today.

My blogs are as follows:





As you can see I write on variety of subjects. My blogging has started to pick up again after a lull due to a move and a job change. Recently I have been able to make some changes in my routine that will provide even more time for blogging and writing.  Above all else my blogs provide me with a creative outlet, an opportunity to express my ideas with and for others, and to create an online identity. There are others who blog specifically to promote their writing, hone their craft, and get input and feedback from others on their creative expression. Another criteria is that blog postings must be current in the last month or so, I guess I think that Blogging should demonstrate a certain level of disciplined writing, instill writing habits and creativity. Does it have to be good? Well I am not sure mine is all that great! But they are what they need to be for me as I think blogging is very personal.

Some examples are:

Darien Mason


I hope to be featuring Darien Mason in an article in an upcoming issue of Steampunk Adventures.  His blog The Adventures of the Clockwork Caravel is quite an interesting one!

Brian Campbell:Out of the Woodwork
Poetry, poetics, with occasional forays into other arts and politics


Cahiers De Corey


I found the pictures on this blog very interesting:
mosses from an old manse
a blog from Nanaimo pjculley at shaw.ca

Alan Deniro


The Compass Rose


Al Filreis


Jane Friedman’s (look like a very interesting personal blog)


Some free blogging sites:









A list of Thought Bloggers


I really wanted to write this blog on Second Life®, to highlight Literary events, activites, etc. I am not sure if it’s just me or if I am just not finding anything, perhaps as it is the Holiday Season things are in a lull right now.  But I loved the SLiterary Art and Writing Site and Henry James Site at Info Island In Second Life® (online website and info here http://sliterary.org/ :


Henry James House (online information here http://www.adiatha.com/enhance.html) :

Provides various links to a variety of genres of literature:

Now that you can see how we are all diving in to creating that online presence, and if you haven’t already, what are you waiting for? Your readers await!

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