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A Look Back at the 2nd Annual Milk Wood Poetry Fest – Day 1

Published on Monday, April 18, 2011 by
We all gathered at the north shore of Milk Wood to listen

We all gathered at the north shore of Milk Wood to listen

Milk Wood had an excellent time at the end of March. We celebrated the coming dawn of Spring and the beginning of National Poetry Month in April by hosting our 2nd Annual Poetry Festival. This weekend long party, stacked with readers and poems presented as artistic textures, was organized by Harriet Gausman. The support of the Milk Wood Consortium and the members of Virtual Writers Inc also helped to make this event a success.

The grid was well behaved except for a brief incident of instability Sunday afternoon. We once again thank our readers and listeners heartily for joining us for this event. Quite a few members of Virtual Writers Inc. allowed us to display their beautiful poems around the Milk Wood sim and we thank them for sharing their textures and notecards with us.

A close up of Leslye Writer as she shared her poems on Friday afternoon

A close up of Leslye Writer as she shared her poems on Friday afternoon

I opened the festivities on Friday, sharing a few words about our sim and a small series of poems I wrote during the Poem a Day challenge earlier this year. Then Leslye Writer took the podium in the center of the stone circle. She shared some of her children’s poetry, though her verses are fun for all ages, with a whimsical style that kept the crowd smiling.

After Leslye sat down, everyone’s favorite pirate-neko poet, Klannex Northmead, who also assisted me with MC duties for the day. He shared favorites, such as “Peaches”, while moving the listeners through an examination of his quest for the ultimate poem. Most would agree with me when I say he has come quite close, but the point of his presentation was the journey more than the destination.

Kamille Kamala of the Lyrical Cafe

Kamille Kamala of the Lyrical Cafe

Klannex was followed by the sweet and sassy Kamille Kamala. Her personal set was filled with poetry about the power and struggles of women, and the audience was captivated by her forceful delivery. Kamille and others from the Lyrical Cafe presented an open mic as the sun set over the north shore of Milk Wood. Their help with promoting the festival is heartily appreciated. The accepting atmosphere and range of poets Kamille brought with her was impressive and enjoyable.

Between Kamille’s set and the open mic we enjoyed the poetry of Pale Infinity, an artist and writer who has a style all her own. Pale’s soft voice was the perfect delivery vehicle for her poems, which often speak of feeling lost, broken, and out of place with society. Deceptively simple, the lines presented leave room for thought in between them, and haunt you for days as you try to puzzle out their meaning. As all writing is just a means of opening a conversation, I do believe her work is seeking the ultimate poem, unattainable yet worthy of striving for.

Pale Infinity at the northern stone circle

Pale Infinity at the northern stone circle

For the review of Saturday’s readings, please go here.

To view pictures of all three days of the Poetry Festival, visit our Flicker stream.

June Stormcrow

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