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What is a Word Scrimmage?

Published on Sunday, May 27, 2012 by


A Word Scrimmage is an event in which participants write or type as fast as they can for a set time with the aim of  increasing the word count on their current novel or work in progress. The participant who has written the most at the end of the scrimmage is declared the winner.

The event is held regularly on Second Life®, at the 3d home of Virtual Writers and on Twitter under the #virtualwriters and #wordscrim hashtags.

This word-boosting technique is also known as a word war and is often used during NaNoWriMo and Script Frenzy.

Current Daily Scrimmage Times on Twitter

5pm EST/10pm BST

SPECIAL NANOWRIMO EVENT –  Wordscrim Wednesday

This is our newest #wordscrim event, held every Wednesday throughout November. Writing sprints will begin on the hour and last for 30 minutes, for a full 12 hours. You get a 30 minute break between scrimmages; well, we wouldn’t want to wear you out ! You can use these breaks to edit previous scrims, grab a cup of tea or take a nap. Whatever you like.

We ask that you tweet your stats at the end of each scrimmage under the hashtag #wordscrim, so we can gather a lovely package of word counts to help encourage and spur everyone on.

Schedule *begins Wednesday 30th October and continues every Wednesday throughout November

UK: 12noon – 12midnight GMT

US: 7am – 7pm Eastern Time /4am – 4pm Pacific Time

Please be aware that the clocks go back on 27th October in the UK  and on 3rd November in the US. We will be going by GMT.


12 – 1 pm GMT/7am EST @virtualwriters

1 – 2 pm GMT/8am EST @virtualwriters

2 – 3 pm GMT/9am EST @LizzieGudkov

3 – 4 pm GMT/10am EST @prompt_fairy

4 – 5 pm GMT/11am EST @TheSprintShack (Taylor Eaton)

5 – 6 pm GMT/12 Noon EST @TheSprintShack (Taylor Eaton)

6 – 7 pm GMT/1pm EST @virtualwriters

7 – 8 pm GMT/2pm EST @KillerKalen (Kalen Williamson)

8 – 9 pm GMT/3pm EST @TheSprintShack (Skye Fairwin)

9 – 10 pm GMT/4pm EST @prompt_fairy

10 – 11 pm GMT/5pm EST @nXgWVteacher (Whitney Healy)

11 – 12 pm GMT/6pm EST @TheSprintShack (Cristina Guarino)

For more details check out the following FAQs

Cartoon used with the permission of Debbie Ridpath Ohi at Inkygirl.com

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