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Editor’s Choice: Writers’ Dash May 2012

Published on Saturday, June 16, 2012 by

There were some really wonderful pieces of work produced during Writers’ Dash in May. I present a selection for your delectation. Remember these were written in just 15 minutes!

The Writers’ Dash (#writersdash or #dailydash on Twitter) is a 15-minute free writing exercise held on Twitter, Facebook and Second Life® every weekday. At 5:30am PST we share the word prompt on our social media channels; the live event begins in Second Life® at 6am PST.

  • Parallel Universe

    In this bland sunlight,
    this routine
    and hostile familiarity–
    the days start
    and end

    each the same,
    woven together, a stream
    of placid contempt.

    The beds to be made
    pleasantries exchanged,
    the daily sounds a hollow hum.

    My parallel universe
    is bathed in fog
    enclosed by mountains
    reaching up from the sea–

    and it rains
    for days,
    washes me clean

    and yours is the hand in mine
    every word new,
    spoken for the first time.

    ©2012 Jullianna Juliesse

  • Parallel Universe

    I wake and rise, turn my back
    to your side of the bed,
    only look at you in my mind’s eye –-
    see you dress, prepare yourself
    to face the day, to work until
    we both lie down and rest again –-
    me, here, on my side of the bed,
    and you on yours, at war,
    a thousand miles away.

    © Vel Alchemi

  • Parallel Universe: Juyuan, China May 13, 2008

    it was hard to hear you say “stand back”
    and it was hard to watch you from behind
    and above
    as you worked with your hands
    at the soil and fallen bricks
    watching you search for my child
    from a parallel universe
    of scholastic dominion in tatters
    your children hidden among the ruins
    you fell upon the stud walls of the school
    searching, rummaging through
    and sobbing with hands covered in mud
    spikes of cries as discoveries were made
    a little further off, bodies
    the earthquake took so much
    the entire graduating class
    and here I am standing with my eyes glued to the t.v.
    heart wrenching for your discoveries
    and for your hands, covered in mud

    ©2012 Ginger Jorgental

  • Amend

    How if one could suddenly amend one’s life
    Become as another you
    Would you?
    Would you really?
    Would you throw the dice of Impossibility
    As the ‘Time Traveller’ who has no sane result
    in object of Hope nor subject of any discretion
    on removing your oceans of Probability
    to reassemble and contain what comes
    WHOLE and of a certain path along
    intact and vibrant to WITNESSING the change
    UNCHANGED of eye and Mind
    for what it is and what it is worth
    to the swap.

    ON differential cost that pricing nothing more
    to acquire than Perfecting
    leaves to Death
    what framed that most unique in your Person
    now right ab-used as to be left to
    and under your own let
    for what you most desire
    cannot be split
    but must transmute
    and KILL ~ you ~ whole
    where you Stand

    ©2012 Queen Bluestar

  • Determine

    the distance from here to the sun
    the velocity of light
    the burning heatwaves on my skin

    the distance from me to you
    your soft and tender touch
    warm glows under my skin

    the distance between our lips
    your eyes scanning mine
    electricity waves heating my brain

    the distance between our thoughts
    confusion between our bodies
    mixing sweat, entangled minds

    and during those moments
    of my highest emotions
    I suddenly understand that
    love cannot be measured
    love is not a verb

    love is just us two
    trying to please
    each other
    every day again

    ©2012 Goodie

  • Doppelganger

    A Janus illusion,
    the two-faced God heralding future and past,
    or my own double?
    Some may say it’s a harbinger of misfortune;
    the personification of death.
    Others say it brings a sense of appeasement
    like the warmth of a glove on a cold hand.
    My vardøger was seen whilst I slept
    and, unlike the wife of John Donne,
    who carried her stillborn child in her arms,
    I carried a bouquet of white lilies.
    No dreadful vision to be feared
    but an offering of peace;
    a spectre of reconciliation,

    ©2012 Andrea Pring


  • Cindy was expecting spring semester to be a breeze. It was her senior year and her thesis had already been approved. She only needed two credits so she decided to sign up as a library studio mentor. She felt she’d be able to help the young digital anthro students learn how to quickly scan and analyze the stack of magnetic drives Dr. Julius had received from the old communication company.

    She had developed a scheme for cataloging and collating ancient digital files that had led to her being recruited for a fellowship position with the historical society. Thought it was unlikely that the communication company’s disk drives would contain any animated GIFs, she still felt that her system would be useful to the undergraduates.

    She and Lisa had spent the morning sifting through directories of text files that seemed to be transcriptions of voice communications. They had been linked to some filetype that produced a phonetic scan that apparently could be played through a sound amplifier when the technology was current.

    They’d not found anything of particular interest but it seemed that files were sorted based on some type of ethnic identification of the speakers. Lisa still couldn’t believe that so much technologic resource had been devoted to monitoring the simple communications of the citizens back then.

    Cindy told her to wait until junior year when she would see the thought scans that had been archived later in the century.

    It was when Lisa went to pick up an art project from her roomate that Cindy found a file type she’d never seen before.

    It was in a hidden directory on the drive that she found when running a sequence of scans on some type of index files.

    She was able to make sense of the Read Me file which said the file could be viewed with a certain type of codec. With her Swiss Army chip set she was able to attach an emulator for that particular codec. When she played the file a burst of light filled her goggles. She had to take them off and shut her eyes. The projection of the file had etched an image in the goggle’s display screen.

    She decided to plug the goggles into an old 3D facsimile machine that Dr. Julius had. When the machine was fired up and she executed the play command in super slow mode, she saw something that took her breath away. It was a projected hologram of an animated GIF of her receiving her diploma. But graduation wouldn’t be for another 13 weeks.

    ©2012 Scottlo

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