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Inspiring Worlds – Where’s Carmina?

Published on Saturday, June 2, 2012 by

It’s hard being a writer. Let’s face it, when the dreaded writer’s block comes a calling it’s like the end of the world. Will I ever write again? Has my muse gone AWOL for good? How will I rebuild momentum?

Different writers have different ways of dealing with it. You might just hole up for the duration, cover yourself in a comforter and hibernate. Or maybe you’re more the “wing it and see” type – ” it might be garbage but at least I’m writing something“. There are many ways to cure it, you simply find the way that best suits you. Sean M. Conrey & Allen Brizee‘s excellent piece on curing writer’s block includes a variety of symptoms and possible cures and is well worth the read.

I have found that my block clears itself when I visit interesting new places. Something in that place sparks an emotion and in turn helps kick-start the creative process. You’ll find there are many inspirational locations in Second Life® to explore – look out for this regular feature and tackle the block before it claims dominion.

Where’s Carmina?

As the welcome notecard says:

“Welcome to Carmina!

A new way to find SL Things to Do Landmarks of the Day.

This experience is best viewed in “region default”. Please make sure you have sounds *on* & media streaming capabilities. The video in this room is the beginning of your journey, please make yourself comfortable and enjoy.

When the video is completed, please find your way to the next room to pick up your passport! Just walk up to the robot who is standing behind the counter, and you’ll be given a passport.  Wear this–it takes up a HUD spot in the upper right corner of your screen, so any HUDs you have there will be detached, prepare accordingly.

Once your HUD is in place, you’re ready to board the train and begin finding hidden Polaroids. These give your passport a stamp that can teleport you to that location, allow you to open the write up of that place on http://slthingstodo.com, or just keep exploring the sim for more Polaroids. You might find Carmina at one of those sims, and if you do, your name will appear on a special leader board on the website, and you’ll be asked to notify Burton Langer with her whereabouts!”

Step 1 (after watching the video): Get your passport


Step 2: Wait for the train


Step 3: Take the train journey of your life


Step 4: See the scenery fly by


Step 5: Find Carmina


Step 6: Spend some Lindens


Step 7: Search for Carmina….again!


The most important thing to remember is have fun and just let that muse of yours breathe.

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    • awesome, thank you very much for sharing it with us. i will definitely check this sim out.

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