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Get the Most from the NaNoWriMo Experience

Published on Thursday, November 1, 2012 by

nanojpgWe have some wonderful events planned for this year’s National Novel Writing Month. We’ll be partnering with the venerable Bookstacks to add twice the fun to this crazy literary marathon.

We have a delectable calendar of delights to tempt you – daily word scrimmages, write-ins, as well as inspirational workshops and talks from successful authors. Our first write-in begins on Thursday 1st November at 8pm GMT (1pm PDT) in Second Life®. Our daily 20 minute Twitter word scrimmage will also begin on Thursday at 8pm GMT (1pm PDT) and continues throughout November until the 30th (although after the 4th November the time will change to 9pm GMT/1pm PST).

Join our Second Life® group Milk Wood Wrimos for event reminders and follow us on Twitter for daily tips – you’ll find lots of great links under the hashtag #virtualwrimos. If you want to talk shop with other wrimos then you’ll love our Goodreads discussion group.

If you’d like information on connecting to Second Life® so you can attend some of our events, then please check out the following article.

You might also find our recent pre-NaNo outlining article useful.

As for renting a virtual writer’s cottage on our simulator, please feel free to visit Milk Wood and take a wander through our beautiful virtual woodlands and meadows. We currently have two virtual rentals available; a quiet cottage with private dock and a windy poets’ retreat on a bluff. We also have several well-positioned stalls at the Dead Wood Book Fayre. Your books can be displayed and  linked to your online bookseller or author’s website, allowing instant purchase from many outlets. If you need help with creating a Second Life® version of your book, please email me using the contact form on this website.

Sodovan Torok has kindly taken on the scripting needs of our Second Life® NaNoWriMo counter which will be up and working on the 1st at our virtual writers’ camp. You will need to join our Milk Wood Wrimos group in order to be given a NaNoWriMo participant badge (displays your overall word count above your avatar head). To update your word count each day you must put your daily count into the main display which in turn will update your Second Life® participant badge. You will still need to verify your overall word count at the end of November on the main nanowrimo.org website as this is separate from our system.

NaNoWriMo Events in Second Life 2012

When you drop by the writers’ camp in Second Life® be sure to pick up the free goodie bag for virtual wrimos.

Happy writing!

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