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Writers’ Dash Prompts for Week Beginning July 15, 2013

Published on Monday, July 15, 2013 by
Want to get a little more exposure for your dash pieces? We feel you
deserve the recognition.

Each month we select the best Writers’ Dash submissions made through our blog comment system (whether Daily Dash, Piclit Dash (aka Picture Prompt)/#piclish on Twitter; or Siclit Dash (aka Fiction Prod)/#siclish on Twitter). The winning dash piece will be published on our site and promoted throughout our main social media channels (we are followed by several of the big six publishing houses, so show them your best!).

It’s not necessary to enter through the general submission process, just leave your dash piece in the comment section below. You will probably want to submit your best pieces of dash, so take some time to edit and revise before submission. See here for full details.


am: boniface

pm: yawp


am: lyard

pm: quean


am: nuptial

pm: poltroon


am: paragon

pm: rust


Friday is now our dedicated dash and drabble (100-word story) day, inspired and encouraged by our good friend Crap Mariner. Crap’s weekly challenge this week is ‘original.’ Try using both the dash prompt and the 100-word story prompt to create a Dash ‘n’  Drabble. Once you have your 100-word story feel free to add it to the comments section of this blog post as well as to Crap’s site.

am: sotto voce

pm: cataract

Saturday & Sunday

We’ll reveal the fiction prod and picture prompt on Saturday and Sunday. Stay tuned.

Please feel free to add your dash pieces to the comments section of this blog post below.


I found #writersdash on Twitter, what is it?

The Writers’ Dash (#writersdash on Twitter) is a 15-minute free writing exercise held on TwitterFacebook and Second Life® every weekday. At 5:30am & 5:30pm PDT we share the word prompt on our social media channels; the live event begins in Second Life® at 6am & 6pm PDT. Write whatever comes to you. Don’t fixate too heavily on what you are writing and disengage your inner editor – the key is for you to get the words on the page first; you can worry about editing later. If you are attending the live event in Second Life® there will be an opportunity for you to show your work to the other participants after the 15 minutes are up. If you are unable to attend the live event you can share your work on our blog. Just look out for the prompt post and leave your dash piece as a comment.

In addition to our week day prompts we also include two exciting challenges for the weekend:

  • The Siclit Fiction Prod (#siclish on Twitter) is a more challenging form of the dash, held on Twitter, Facebook and live on Second Life® every Saturday at 1:30 pm PST/4:30 pm EST/9:30 pm GMT.
  • The Piclit Dash (#piclish on Twitter) is a 15-minute free writing exercise inspired by a picture. It’s held on Twitter, Facebook and live on Second Life® every Sunday at 2:30 pm PST/5:30 pm EST/10:30 pm GMT.

About Virtual Writers, Inc.

Virtual Writers, Inc. is a free online writers’ community first established in 2007 and committed to showcasing established and emerging writers in a range of interactive and immersive environments. Here we learn to experiment with digital, social and virtual world platforms to push the creative envelope and develop a strong, unique voice.

We provide a wealth of opportunities for writers to meet, share resources, access new markets, attend online writing events, workshops and interactive readings, and discover the best writers’ conferences, competitions, colonies and literary organisations.

If you want to become involved in an active writing community then visit us on Second Life® or our social media channels (TwitterFacebookGoogle+, &Goodreads) and get interactive. To learn more about our services please visit the following pages (Premium Services, Free Author Services) or contact us through our online contact form.

Whether you are dashing in Second Life®, on Twitter or Facebook we welcome your dashes in the comments section below.

2 Responses
    • My true good friends know not to mention that openly. 😉


    • Sotto Voce
      His heart pounded frantically, a cadence of horror, of unending urgency. The others waved at him showing the way, while a storm of eyes chased his will away. He didn’t give up, he wouldn’t give up. He ran at the pace of his heartbeat, one step after the other, relentlessly. Despite his struggle, it seemed his destiny was farther and farther away, the others nothing but a shadow of indistinctive contours. He looked back. They were closer. He made one last effort, one last push forward, one last step, one last thought. The others were no more. He was lost. The snowstorm covered everything. He fell on his knees and made peace with himself, his life a row of smiles and happy recollections. The eyes would reach him and kill him, but he heard his son’s voice murmuring sotto voce a song he used to sing to him when he was a baby, the song his heart needed. He closed his eyes and departed.
      ©2013 Lizzie Gudkov

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Welcome to Virtual Writers, first established in 2007. Here we learn to experiment with digital and virtual world platforms to push the creative envelope and develop a strong, unique voice.
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