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Book Squawk: Lillian Holmes & the Leaping Man Book Tour Announcement

Published on Wednesday, September 18, 2013 by

We have much pleasure in announcing the Lillian Holmes & the Leaping Man Virtual Book Tour, beginning Friday 20th September and continuing through to midnight on Thursday 3rd October, 2013. Ciar’s newest novel Lillian Holmes & the Leaping Man is a paranormal historical romance (released on July 26th) and has already garnered some excellent reviews:

“Smart, funny, exciting…Ms. Cullen provides endearing characters, a unique premise, and a very satisfying resolution.  I not only couldn’t put it down, but I’ll recommend it to my friends.”New York Times Bestselling Author Susan Squires

“Sherlock Holmes would be proud to have such a relation. The Leaping Man will take its place in the annals of romantic vampire lore.” —Melanie Jackson, Bestselling Author of the Chloe Boston Mysteries

As well as attending all tour stops, Ciar will be doing a one-hour Tweetup with us, where she will share some of her writing secrets and publishing tips on Twitter. Ciar and her publisher, Boroughs Publishing Group, will be awarding a 10-book subscription to their Lunchbox Romance line, which will include The Shopgirl and the Vampire – Ciar’s precursor to Lillian Holmes and the Leaping Man – to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.  To increase your chances of winning, stop by each of the scheduled stops and leave a comment.

In addition to the tour stops we have created event pages on Facebook & Goodreads where we will be setting some fun challenges and games. You may even catch Ciar chatting with her fans. For more details and the full schedule & giveaway entry form check out Ciar’s official tour page.

About the Book

Title: Lillian Holmes & the Leaping Man

Author: Ciar Cullen

Genre: Paranormal Historical Romance

Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group

Excerpt: Lillian Holmes & the Leaping Man Excerpt

Purchase Links: Boroughs Publishing Group & Amazon

At the cusp of the twentieth century, an heiress turned detective enters a world of deception and danger and must learn to trust her nemesis with both her life and her love.

Tormented by a tragic past, Miss Lillian Holmes nonetheless found the strength to go on, to become the greatest female detective of her time. To make her uncle proud. Except…he was not truly her uncle. Sherlock was a fictional character, and Lil was less a true detective than a sheltered twenty-six year old heiress with a taste for mystery…and  morphine. But then she saw him. Leaping from her neighbor’s second-story window, a beautiful stranger. With the recent murders plaguing Baltimore, here was a chance to  reveal the truth.

Except, the Leaping Man was far more than he seemed. A wanton creature of darkness, an entry point to a realm of deception and evil, and to a Truth she had waited countless years to uncover, he would threaten far more than Lillian’s life. He would take both her heart and soul. And she would rejoice in it.

About Ciar Cullen

Ciar (KEE-er) Cullen hails from Baltimore, Maryland. She started her academic life as a theater major, but when she learned she couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag she turned to archaeology, another love. She earned her degree at Indiana University, summered on digs in Greece and England, landed a gig in New Jersey, and eventually went into nonfiction publishing. Her third career is as a bureaucrat at a university. She is married to a photographer and has two cats. Eventually she hopes to retire to a small cabin, with the same husband and more cats.

Ciar is not one of those authors who dreamt of writing since childhood. She took up the virtual pen on a dare in mid-life and forgot to stop. She loves reading just about anything, but especially nonfiction. Some of her favorite novelists are Mark Twain, E.L. Doctorow, Roger Zelazney, and yes, Nora Roberts. When she¹s not reading or writing, she loves to knit, to study all things Major League Baseball, and to jog.

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