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NaNoWriMo Workshop: Who Will Tell Your Story? With Sharon Clare

Published on Friday, October 25, 2013 by


We want to write memorable characters, charismatic characters, inspirational characters, characters who evoke emotion in the reader. Unforgettable protagonists are larger than life with secrets, values and fears. They should struggle, adapt, backpedal, change and grow.

Characters need clear goals, motivations and conflicts at every stage of your story. After all, the plot is a journey the character takes, one that throws him to the lions, pushes every button and forces him through conflict after conflict.

So who is your protagonist? What should she experience as the story unfolds? How will she react to the problems coming her way? How will you show her thoughts and feelings to evoke emotion in your readers. How will you show her change and grow on the journey to the end of the book?

About the Workshops

These 5 workshops on character development will be taught by Sharon Clare in Second Life® and will include:

– How to use an invalid belief to show change and growth through a 3-act story.
– Defining and using strengths, values, flaws, secrets and fears to drive story problems.
– Defining goals, motivations and conflicts that interact with values at various plot points.
– How to engage the reader using emotion and visceral reactions. What are the components of a great beginning?
– Getting fresh with character description, using movement, dialogue, setting and flashbacks. Practice rhetorical devices.

Dates: Friday 15th, 22nd  & 29th November and 6th & 13th December, 2013 Postponed until the New Year

Time: 1 PM PST/9pm GMT

Place: Milk Wood, Second Life® http://ow.ly/eVHO3

Cost: $15 for 5-part course

Registration: Register Here For Who Will Tell Your Story Workshops – registration includes entry in a draw to win an electronic copy of Love of Her Lives.

These workshops are appropriate for new or seasoned writers and can be applied to your work-in-progess, a new story idea or to help revise a manuscript. Just have a project in mind!

The full course is held in Second Life®. For details on how you can participate check out the following article.

About Sharon Clare

Sharon Clare-2

Sharon Clare fell in love with writing at the University of Toronto where she graduated with a science degree in psychology and professional writing. She writes paranormal romance and has published short stories, art reviews, newsletter and magazine articles. Her favourite place to write is outside under the maple trees beside the lily pond.

Social Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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