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Stosh Quartz

StoshQuartzFirst published in 1967 in Naoj, a literary magazine out of Cincinnati, Ohio, Stosh Quartz has been an active poet for the better part of  her life.   Under her first life alias, in 1997 her first collection Under Cover was published by HabanaHaba Publishers.  One of her poems was included in the anthology Rainbows End.  Her poems are also included in Sounds of a City, collected works of featured poets from the Cafe Rocks days, for which she took the cover photo, as well as the illustrative photos inside the book.

Among her live performances in first life, she has been the featured poet twice at the large chain bookstore Barnes and Noble, and performed on Temple University’s radio station WRTI, Spoken Word program.  Her spoken word debut took place at Cafe Rocks, a since closed but once popular hangout for poets, writers and artists in the Philadelphia area.

In Second Life®, she has performed at a variety of open mic events and has been a featured artist on occasion.  Currently performing weekly at Circe’s Sanctuary on stream, she has also twice been a featured reader at Sounds of Poems.  Videos can be seen on Utube, created by Jilly Kidd.  In addition she is hosting a weekly poetry workshop at Milk Wood.

Almo Schumann

After working in print journalism for 30 years, Almo Schumann is turning his attention to fiction. He is the proprietor of Well, That’s My Story, a company devoted to the publishing of short stories, novels and screenplays.

He is a Southerner by residence and temperament.

In Second Life®, Almo is a part of the Milk Wood Writers’ Consortium and is co-founder of Alibi Projects, a company that writes and produces machinima.

Almo is married in first and second lives to the patient Graceful Schumann.

Rae Larkham

Throughout her writing career, Rae has written comic book and film related articles which have appeared in online publications such as Comic Stack, Suite101, CinemaGap and Dark Moon Rising.  Her manuscript, Hotel Sunset, won an Honorable Mention award in the 73rd Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition. Under various pen names, she has written books, novellas and short stories that run the genre gamut of science fiction, fantasy, short romance noir and paranormal romance and many more waiting to drip onto the page.

As an avid reader and viewer of science fiction, romance and fantasy since she was young, Rae enjoys merging the genres to create an adventurous reading experience in her own work. Throughout her writing career, she has garnered credits writing movie reviews, fiction and articles on the comic book and film industry.

Currently she is writing the Ashen Twilight Trilogy, the Cimmerian Duology and a few standalone stories and books. She also leads a novel writing class in Second Life® and a short story workshop for both aspiring and veteran authors alike.

Harriet Gausman

Aspiring to release the inner child is accepted without question in the writer, regardless of age.  Harriet conceded her inner child to pixels and created the celtic-inspired literary sim of Virtual Writers in 2007.

Harriet has published non-fiction articles, short stories, poetry and is a dab hand at greetings cards.

She lives in the wild’s of Dartmoor, England with a long-suffering husband and two smelly cats.

Klannex Northmead (Poet in Residence)

Klannex Northmead is new to writing in relative terms, having discovered poetry and the writtten word extensively through the medium of Second Life®. The style of poetry/writing he aims to produce is simply worded and often rhythmical, sometimes in a jazz or blues tempo/form. He writes under the banner of The Pirate Neko Poet Against Bad Things (piratenekopoet.com/jamaica), the thinking being that pirates and nekos are both known for their plain language and or as applicable forthright language.

He believes technical perfection in the medium (grammer, punctuation, minimal inversions, adequate parsing), specifically in the case of English poetry and the English language itself, is critical for the development of a good understanding of the words spoken. He writes freelance, publishes Poetry Scene Note (available on xstreet) every month and manages Xanadu Books (a virtual library for the sole benefit of Haiti). He regularly attends Second Life® poetry events and First Life poetry events, as well as entering competitons etc. he has two published poems in Second Life®’s first official poetry collection the Blue Angel Landing (available @ Lulu press and @ www.blueangellanding.com online)

Ginger Jorgental

Ginger lives in Midwestern Canada and is currently working on her MBA. She has been writing for as long as she can remember in real life and considers Second Life® a great place to find community, meet people with similar interests and keep writing honest and fun.

Ginger has been published in the Fib Review, the Shot Glass Journal and Steampunk Magazine.

Roberrt Magne

Roberrt, describing himself as a ‘a semi-retired, old fart’, writes professionally for the magazine Glimmer Train and does music reviews for New Beats Media.

He is active on the popular amateur writing site, The Den of Amateur Writing posting under the name of kt6550.

He is a member of the Long Ridge Writers Group in Connecticut.

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